Kubota Tractor Corp. announces the KX033-4 compact excavator, the newest member of the KX series. The KX033-4 now shares many of the standard features that Kubota’s larger class machines have been known for. A larger cab, dash-controlled presets for auxiliary circuits and a standard hydraulic diverter valve are a few examples of the new features. The new compact excavator will be available at Kubota dealerships beginning in January 2017.

“The KX033-4 is a welcomed breath of fresh air for the 3-to-4 ton compact excavator class. It delivers best in class hydraulic breakout power while setting the pace and achieving fast cycle times, resulting in more material moved per hour when tested head-to-head against other 3-ton excavators,” says Jeff Jacobsmeyer, Kubota product manager. “A top feature on this machine is the adjustable auxiliary preset controls which lets you dial the hydraulics up or down for specific attachments, conveniently from the operator station.”

The KX033-4 is powered by a 24.8 gross horsepower Kubota direct injection Tier 4 Final certified engine. Adjustable auxiliary hydraulics allow the operator to program up to five different oil flow rates, controlled from a new digital control panel. The excavator has a breakout force of 8,138 pounds and a digging depth of 10 feet 6 inches. The KX033-4 replaces the popular KX91-3 in the Kubota KX series.

Highly-Adjustable Hydraulics

The KX033-4 compact excavator introduces a new control panel with five adjustable presets for precise flow control for the attachment and task at hand. The auxiliary hydraulic circuit is capable of a maximum oil flow of 15.8 GPM (60 liters) to power a greater variety of auxiliary attachments. The high-capacity hydraulic system powers a performance-matched boom, arm and bucket with a maximum bucket breakout force of 8,138 pounds and 3,867 pounds on the arm.

The standard third-line hydraulic return system allows oil to return directly back to the tank without flowing through control valves resulting in less back-pressure, less heat and greater efficiency. An accumulator clears residual pressure, allowing for easier attachment changes and helping lower front attachments even when the engine is turned off. A standard float function allows for efficient worksite cleanup and back dragging.

Hydraulic Angle Blade

The optional hydraulic angle blade’s standard float function along with its reversible and replaceable cutting edge set it apart in the marketplace. The blade delivers more blade height and faster backfill since it eliminates the need to reposition the machine at right angles when doing a final trench backfill. A single lever will operate the blade’s up, down and float movements; left and right angle positioning is made by a rocker switch on top of the lever. In addition, Kubota’s angle blade has a 32-degree approach angle, for easy navigation over ramps and other jobsite obstacles.

Lifting Capacity and Stability

The KX033-4 pairs its high-capacity hydraulics with the powerful non-DOC/DPF Tier 4 Final certified Kubota engine to deliver top-of-class power, efficiency and stability across the range of excavating applications.The KX033-4’s low center of gravity and double-flanged track rollers also contribute to safe and efficient operation, whether working to the side with hydraulic attachments or in challenging lifting conditions. The engine RPM may be set to automatically idle when KX033-4 control levers are in neutral for more than four seconds, resulting in increased fuel efficiency and lower noise and emissions. A swivel negative brake and travel negative brake automatically lock the swivel function and tracks, respectively, to prevent unexpected machine movement and keep the excavator secure.

Deluxe, Ergonomically Designed Operator Station

The KX033-4 operator station is designed for unmatched comfort, featuring Kubota ergonomics that simplify routine excavating operations. The deluxe, reclining, high-back suspension seat provides maximum operator comfort, including weight compensation and firm, adjustable wrist supports. A wider, updated digital display panel with push button operation allows for easy monitoring of critical controls, including changing hydraulic oil flows.

The Aux1 operation switch is conveniently located on the right joystick control lever. Dozing operations are made faster and easier with a two-speed travel switch on the dozer lever. The KX033-4 automatically shifts from high to low when needed in heavy dozing applications. As the load becomes less, the excavator will automatically shift back to the higher speed. A larger cup holder may hold a beverage, or a cell phone; a charging port is thoughtfully placed nearby. A ROPS/OPG (TOP Guard, Level I) canopy is standard. The optional cab includes air conditioning with greater air circulation, more foot space with a wider door, and a gas-assist mechanism that makes it easy to open the front window.


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